100% Grass-fed

After trying their cheese at the Carmel Farmers Market, we decided to eat dinner on Friday night at Traders Point Creamery. The cows at this family-owned dairy farm in Zionsville are 100% grass-fed and roamed in the fields as we ate dinner on the deck.

Cable Car

We went to see The Fray with OK Go and Mae last night at the Lawn at White River State Park. Despite all the bugs, it was a great show and I can’t wait until they get their new music out on an album.

In The Juicer

My good friend, Liz, and I have a project in the works that I am very excited about. Our similar interests and love of staying busy will be a great springboard for what I think is going to be a very fun project. Check back soon for the full project details.

(The above photo was taken in Cairns, Australia in April 2006.)