Repeat Offenders

The coyotes were back this morning. I had already left for work, but Andy managed to get this photo of them after they had left our yard. You can see how close they are to our neighbors deck, whose yard is cater-cornered to ours.

Coyote Chaser

I didn’t get a photo of the pair of coyote who were trotting through our yard on Saturday morning, because Andy and I were too busy frantically yelling at Skyler to STOP CHASING THE COYOTE. From the coyotes’ point of view, it must have been pretty humorous to see a dog (half their size) barking wildly at them, and two humans yelling wildly at the dog.

Considering we live in a residential area that has been around since the 70s, I can only hope these wild coyote were merely just passing through.

18 months

Over Christmas, we got to make another trip to San Francisco to visit my brother and his family. Here is a shot of my nephew, Adam, in a moment of calm during his nightly pre-bedtime run-around routine.