Strut Your Mutt

Mutt Strut 2008

Yesterday, we took part in the Mutt Strut for the second year in row. Unlike last year’s record high temperatures, the weather this year was in the 60s, which was much more bearable for the extra furry dogs like Skyler.

The event had a record-breaking 4,000+ participants, 2,000+ four-legged friends, and more than $335,000 was raised to benefit the Humane Society of Indianapolis.

TAPP To This Beat

TAPP Beads

I first heard of Tumaini AIDS Prevention Program (TAPP) when they contacted the design firm for which I work. The necklaces that TAPP sells are more than an interesting product (made from recycled paper). They offer hope to people in the Republic of Uganda, where “a staggeringly young population struggles to find ways to make a better life for those who will come after”.

Like T-shirts from Rosa Loves, a TAPP necklace is more than just a trend. Its a purchase that tells a story and makes a positive difference in a life other than your own.

A Moving Feeling


Andy and I aren’t moving, but we have been rearranging so much furniture the past few weeks that it sure feels like it. Not too long ago, we caught the renovation bug that always seems to bite us this time of year. Andy replaced the front light (easy) and the hardware on the front door (not so easy). We have a ceiling fan for the office on hold at Menards (Installation ease not yet determined), and I have been working on sprucing up the guest bedroom (more to come on that later). And that is just the half of it.

We recently got hardwood floors put in our front two rooms, which required for us to move all of our furniture out of those rooms. And today we are having our carpets and couches professionally cleaned, which required for us to move all of our furniture from the rest of our house, into the front two rooms, the kitchen and the guest bathroom.

What’s next? Well, we are getting estimates on replacing the roof thanks to some damage from a recent hail storm and general wear and tear (thankfully, insurance will be covering that one.) And in June, we are replacing our kitchen countertops and sink (goodbye porcelain sink and the hours of scrubbing to keep it clean) and painting our dark wood cabinets a nice clean white. Stay tuned.

What Happens In Vegas

School of Dealing

Andy and I were in Vegas for five days last week for Patrick and Joy’s wedding and had a great time. In addition to seeing the sights of The Strip, we also made our way to the Valley of Fire, the Hoover Dam and Springs Preserve. It was sunny and in the 80’s every day, so coming back to this weather made me wish that not everything in Vegas stays there.

More photos from our trip are can be seen here.