The Windy City

cloud gate

Andy and I took a little mini vacation to Chicago this past weekend to go to a Matt Nathanson concert at the House of Blues, and to just play tourist in the big city. Unfortunately, our tendency to explore a city on foot was hindered greatly by the colder than normal temperatures that made everything bitterly cold.

Regardless, we still had a great time, and lucked out on Priceline by landing a reservation at The Palmer House. The location made trips to the nearby attractions and hot spots bearable while the sun was up, including Millenium Park (shown above) with the Cloud Gate sculpture that reflects the surrounding skyline.

Pecha Kucha

Having not been to a Pecha Kucha since the first one in February, we went to the fourth volume (and last one of the year) last weekend at the IMA. The Indianapolis Pecha Kucha site describes the night as “Business presentation, meet rock show. Bullet points, meet fight club.”

The presentations always seem to cover a wide range of topics, from “Intersection of Ornamental & Utilitarian Gardens” to “Consumer Culture in Contemporary Photography”. I really enjoyed Gautam Rao’s presentation called “Everyday Oddness” which included paintings of things he purchased from Target, and other everyday items — such as his computer monitor, the firefox logo, captcha codes and this self-portrait he painted using his web cam. (I’d love to see him do the same thing, spoofing this famous Rockwell painting.)

Overall, a great event to go to if you are in the mood for something unique and light-hearted. The next one is on February 20, 2009.