Measuring Sticks

skyler in the snow

We woke up this morning to a white world outside and by noon, the news reported that we have received almost a foot of snow. Times like these, I am very thankful for my very short commute.

Granting a Clearwish

Clearwish Giveaway

Another fun project that I have been working on lately is for my friend Brian and his start-up company, Clearwish. The idea behind Clearwish is that it “allows a user to create, grow and share their wish lists with family and friends”. However, when the company itself was wishing for a logo and corresponding web site, Brian came to me. I designed both the logo and the web site and then passed along the HTML and CSS to their programmer who built the rest.

Clearwish is free and compatible with such social networking giants as Facebook. And now’s the best time to start wishing, because they just announced their Winter Giveaway, where one lucky person’s wish will be granted. So go ahead, make a wish.

Photog Blog

Photos by Jennifer Blog

In the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the wonderful and talented Jennifer Driscoll, a photographer in Fishers. In December, her new blog (which I both designed and developed) was launched. I also worked with her to design an e-newsletter template that she can use when communicating with past and future clients. Both the blog and the e-newsletter designs were based off her new site which was designed and developed by Cambridge Omnimedia in California. So whether you are looking for a photographer, or just some visual inspiration, you should definitely check out Jennifer Driscoll!

And speaking of photographers, don’t forget to check out my sister-in-law’s web site, Allison Wonderlands (another site I designed and developed). With two young boys, it is no surprise that Allison is great at capturing children in their element!

Note: I want to also give credit to Ryan from PixoPoint for the great plugin he developed that made the navigation on Jennifer’s blog possible.