A Whole New Look

Northernlight Filmworks

Northernlight Filmworks approached me many months back with one goal in mind: To rebrand their entire look so that it better reflected their business and personality. A major part of this process was developing the new logo. Next, it was time to redesign their site, using the same ideas that went into designing the logo.

The old site had a dark color scheme, including a black background, which didn’t reflect the personality and style of Northernlight Filmworks. It also had no content management system in place to allow the client to make updates to the content. The separate, generic blog didn’t allow them to post larger videos, which was unfortunate because their work is breathtaking and direct proof of their talent and expertise.

The new site’s overall design now has a much lighter feel and makes positive use of white space. It is a combination of a web site and blog, both of which can be updated by the client using WordPress. The wider blog allows them to post their videos at a size that is 25% larger than their previous blog.

See the new look for yourself at the freshly launched Northernlight Filmworks site.

Rhinos, Zebras and Camels (Oh My!)

The Wilds

Last weekend, Andy and I (along with eight other friends) spent the weekend at The Wilds. Until our friends won a free stay at the exclusive Lodge, we were totally unaware that the nation’s largest wildlife conservation center was located in southeast Ohio. Despite the very cold weather, we enjoyed the open-air safari that allowed us to see rhinos, zebras, oryx, camels and much more.

Giotto and Gelato


It’s hard to believe we have already been back from Italy for over two weeks now. Our unforgettable trip included Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Venice and an overnight layover in Brussels. Click here to view the photo gallery of the sights.