Be Our Guest


It’s been a while since Andy and I tackled any major home renovations. Living in a house that’s almost 40 years old, it’s sometimes easy to go into maintenance mode with all the general upkeep that goes along with the territory. However, this spring we decided we finally had the time and budget to do a MAJOR overhaul on our master bathroom. (More on that soon.) However, we decided that we should also tackle the guest bathroom at the same time. (Crazy, right?)

Below is a before and after photo of the guest bathroom. (Click it for a larger view.) We laid down a ceramic tile floor (getting rid of the linoleum that was there). We put in a totally new vanity and carried over the bronze fixtures to all the other elements in the room, including the new floor vent (in the photo above), mirror and light fixtures. And while it looks like we were able to salvage the wall paint, I actually ended up repainting the whole room… exactly as it was before. (What can I say? I liked the stripes!)


While this project ate up a couple weekends, compared to the master bath, these changes are miniscule. That project is still wrapping up, but you can be sure that I will have plenty of photos to post when it’s done.