Sunshine & Snowstorms


There is something about the end of winder and promise of spring that causes Andy and me to catch the travel bug along with an itch to go someplace with sunny skies and warm temperatures. In the past, we have been beach-bound to sunny La Paz and southern California, so we decided on a change of pace this year and packed our bags for Arizona, preparing to soak in some serious sun in the southern part of the state and take in the natural beauty as we traveled north.

The first half of our trip went as planned, with Pheonix/Scottsdale hovering in temps in the mid to upper 80s. We then headed north to Sedona where we applied sunscreen and hiked in the heat. The furthest north we got was to Page (at the northern border), to see Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. Driving back to Sedona, we heard that some snow may be headed our way, but weren’t expecting to wake up the next morning to over a foot of snowfall, leaving our surroundings almost unrecognizable from the day before. (Meanwhile, back home, Indiana was having record highs in the 80s.) Regardless of the temperature, we achieved what we set out to do… relax, unwind, surround ourselves in natural beauty, and feel the sun on our face… even if just for a little.

While we were away, demo on the new master bathroom began. It was very exciting to come home to a totally transformed layout in our bedroom. (Multiple walls have been moved or removed.) Photos coming soon!