The Chipmunk Diet

Waiting for Chipmunks

When I took Skyler to the vet last weekend for a routine nail trim (because $12 is SO worth it considering it takes Andy and I at least an hour to do it) I was surprised to see that she had lost a few pounds. At 28 pounds, Skyler is always teetering on the line between a healthy weight and being a bit chubby so this was good news. Our vet said that typically dogs lose weight in the winter, especially if they love being outside because they burn calories staying warm. Based on how much Skyler loves the snow (seen here and here) you would think the pounds would just melt off in the winter months, but for her, not so much.

I am certain that Skyler’s weight loss is a direct result of what I like to call “The Chipmunk Diet.” No, no, I would never let Skyler eat these furry little nuisances that kill our rose bushes and are wreaking havoc on our brick patio, but chasing them is certainly one of her favorite summer time activities. She will flush them out of the iris (shown in the photo above) and then scurry after them. But the end of the chase is always the same. They scamper into one of our downspouts at which point she barks at the downspout (and I question her intelligence) or she will patiently lay there, WAITING (until she is called to come inside).