Freshly Squeezed

Welcome to the new The redesign of this site came out of the desire to not only have an updated design, but also have a place to post “news” and showcase some of my photography.

If you have any questions or comments about the new site, feel free to email me.

St. Paul’s British Soirée

Two of my photographs will be for sale at the British Soirée at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on May 19. The British Soirée is an exhibition and sale of photography and artwork with proceeds benefitting St. Paul’s Choral Scholar Program.

Rosa Loves

I was so excited when I got my shirt from Rosa Loves today.

I purchased the shirt “Indo Made” which depicts the story of a fisherman in Indonesia, named Made (”mah-day”). The goal is for Rosa Loves to sell enough shirts to buy a boat for Made. Once the need is met, Rosa Loves will stop printing and selling this design. So pick up a shirt of your own, or check out some of the other t-shirts and the stories behind them.

We all know that Threadless rocks, but the guys at Rosa Loves not only design great shirts, but the profits from shirt sales go directly to helping a person, family, or community in need. The design on the shirt is specific to the story, and even better, the story itself is printed on the inside of the shirt.

May 31 UPDATE! The goal for this shirt has been met and enough money has been raised to purchase a boat for Made! It will be given to Made on June 16th. Read more about it on Rosa Loves.


My Moo MiniCards arrived today and I couldn’t be happier!

(The above photo was taken in the Atherton Tablelands in Australia in April 2006.)