Paint It White


Amidst all of our other home renovations, Andy and I decided it was time to do a fairly major renovation of our kitchen. (Curses to HGTV for always reminding us that an updated kitchen will increase the value of your home more than any room in the house.) It would be an understatement to say that we have neglected the kitchen. Since moving in, we have torn off the floral wallpaper (no easy task) and given the walls a fresh coat of light green paint. We replaced the overhead light above the galley and above the table. We bought new appliances and new sink fixtures. And we bought a new sliding glass door.

But that hideous brass (?) hardware on our cabinets continued to remind us that this kitchen was built before we were born. We thought all those hinges, handles and pulls would be easy to replace, but apparently in 1974 cabinet carpenters used uniquely sized hardware that is no longer made as a standard size. Upon doing some research, we learned that to get custom made hardware (including hinges) for a good amount of cabinets is NOT CHEAP. So after some calculating and multiple trips to home improvement stores, we decided to paint our dark brown wooden cabinets white, add new hardware, install a new counter-tops and get a new sink.

Because we are doing all the work ourselves (with a weekend visit from my helpful and hardworking parents) the last week and a half for me has consisted of the daily routine of: Eat. Work. Gym. Eat. Paint. Sleep. Repeat.