The Unknowns

After reading in the Carmel Magazine about Thai Castle and it’s owners, Andy and I have been determined to try it, and now have eaten there two weeks in a row. Last week we had take out, but today we dined in. We knew the food would be good, but the service is really what makes this restaurant one worth coming back to.

Thai Castle (which is in a strip mall at the intersection of Rangeline and 126th street in Carmel) opened last fall, and was start by the husband and wife duo of Nikone and Ratchanee Unknown. (The unusual name is the result of a mixup at immigration.) During our late lunchtime visit, our server (perhaps Mrs. Unknown herself) was incredibly sweet-hearted and the conversation we could overhear coming from the kitchen seemed cheerful.

Andy and I hope that our continued patronage will be contagious to the rest of Carmel, and the Thai Castle and the Unknowns will become very well known for their food and exceptional service.